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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Employers are required by numerous pieces of fire safety legislation to adopt arrangements for the management of fire safety risks. For many this includes the provision and maintenance of fire fighting equipment such as portable fire extinguishers. As a minimum this must be carried out on an annual basis.

Medway Safety Ltd offer a complete Fire Extinguisher Testing and Engineering Service for all types of portable fire fighting media.

No longer need you call upon the larger, more expensive organisations to meet your requirements as our engineers are trained to the highest national standards and are FETA approved.

Where our competitors service personnel earn commission on the supply of new equipment, ours do not! You can therefore rest assured that you will receive a service that is of the highest possible standard and completely impartial. During the servicing, our engineers will be pleased to show you any equipment they consider unfit for purpose and allow you to decide on an appropriate course of action.

Our services include:
estimated annual cost to society through accidents and ill health is £11 to £16 billion Complete fire protection survey, and findings report carried out for all types *of premises
25 million working days are lost annually All types of extinguisher testing, re-testing and re-charging.
25000 people are forced to give up work through injury A complete condition report is produced and issued for all extinguishers *tested.
Uninsured losses amount to £315 per employee An automated service is available for the re-testing of equipment.
accidents account for 37% of profits Emergency call out service available.
accidents account for 37% of profits Temporary / mobile fire points provided.
accidents account for 37% of profits Fire Point / emergency / statutory signage.
accidents account for 37% of profits Specific Premises Fire Risk Assessment.

In addition to the above we can also provide training in the use of portable fire fighting equipment either at the clients premises or at our dedicated training centre.

Please telephone for an informal discussion concerning your requirements.