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Food Analysis & Sampling

Analysis is a critical part of demonstrating that food and drink is safe and fit for human consumption, the analysis process will identify if:
estimated annual cost to society through accidents and ill health is £11 to £16 billion It is safe for consumption
25 million working days are lost annually It is free of pathogenic bacteria
25000 people are forced to give up work through injury It contains any harmful physical contaminants

As we all have seen through the media, the cost of bad practices and poor food handling have resulted in large fines and in the more extreme cases the death of members of the public, (e.g. Lancashire Outbreak) or BSE.

The end result of any food poisoning outbreak can bring bad publicity and the possibility of prosecutions, which is why the standard of the food you produce must be of highest quality, both in its presentation and substance.

By the time you are made aware of a potential food safety problem, it will be too late to take any pro-active steps; the EHO (Environmental Health Officer) will call to investigate any complaint a customer has made due to food poisoning etc.

This is why we offer this valuable service to our clients to coincide with our food safety inspection service. This provides us with the ideal opportunity to obtain samples of food that may be contaminated from whatever source whether it is by Physical, Chemical, or Biological Contamination.

These samples would then be sent to a Public Health Laboratory specialising in bacterial testing and the results then forwarded to the client upon receipt. This will form part of your systems should the need arise to prepare a due diligence defence.

If required, this would then be followed by a detailed Food Safety Inspection to ensure that all possible actions have been rectified, and that the premises meet the required standards.

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