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Food Safety Policy Production

The drafting and effective implementation of a specific *food safety policy* can provide the foundation for building a comprehensive food safety system. This document brings together in to one valuable resource the companies philosophy and outlines how you intend to manage food safety in your business.

The Policy and supporting procedures will deal with the following areas as a matter of routine:
Statement of intent Statement of intent
Responsibilities of key personnel Responsibilities of key personnel
Implementation of the policy Implementation of the policy
Resources Resources
Procedures dealing with day-to-day food safety issues Procedures dealing with day-to-day food safety issues
Forms to support the system Forms to support the system

We can arrange an on site meeting where the assigned consultant and the local manager can discuss the requirements of the business and how best to formulate the policy in to a useful working document.

We would like to point out that there is no statutory requirement for any business to formulate a hygiene policy, however the advantages of such a system are clear.

A detailed checklist will be completed obtaining all required information to enable the consultant to put together a specific Food Hygiene Policy.

This will include an inspection of the clients' workplace giving the consultant the overall picture of the company. Once the draft has been completed this will be presented to the client for verification, upon approval the policy will be presented in a loose-leaf folder and also on a CD-Rom to enable the client to adapt and review the documentation as the business develops.

Please telephone for an informal discussion concerning your requirements