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Health & Safety Audits

By undertaking a health and safety audit, our specialist consultants will carry out a thorough inspection and audit of your Company. The audit will examine in detail the key performance indicators in both the way in which you manage health and safety, and the practical issues in your workplace.

The audit will involve discussion with your senior management teams and your workforce. Our consultants will also look closely at the tasks, the plant and equipment in use and the workplace itself.

Following the site visit to carry out the audit, a report will be issued that will assess your current standards and practices and give each a related 'score' that will indicate your companies safety performance.

The report will also give recommendations for corrective actions and improvements where considered necessary, which will also help you to formulate a health and safety 'plan' for your Company. Actions will be prioritised with a timescale, to assist with the implementation of the plan.

What does the audit cover?
Safety Organisation Safety Organisation
Management Control Systems Management Control Systems
Fire Control Systems Fire Control Systems
Measurement and Control Systems Measurement and Control Systems
Workplace Implementation Workplace Implementation
Verification Verification

What's in it for my organisation?

Reduced insurance premiums Reduced insurance premiums
Reduced insurance premiums Improved productivity
Reduced insurance premiums Increased profitability
Reduced insurance premiums Improved morale
Reduced insurance premiums Improved quality
Reduced insurance premiums Reduced level of accidents
Reduced insurance premiums Reduction in the number of and potential for civil claims

Who are the auditors?

All of our consultants have a background that combines theoretical knowledge and practical application. They have extensive knowledge from a wide variety of individual industry sectors and would be selected to best suit the needs of the client.

What Does It Cost?

In an ideal world it would be easy to quote a standard price for the provision of this service, however every company is different in its structure and systems and the level of complexity of the operation being audited is of particular importance.

Please telephone for an informal discussion concerning your requirements