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Internal Auditors Course


Auditing can provide valuable information to a company to evaluate how the business is complying with the standards required and identify how and where improvements can be made. Auditor training ensures that auditors perform independently, consistently and methodically to provide as much information as possible.

This course has been devised to assist clients with the development of their internal audit team and procedures to ensure compliance with nationally recognised standards across various industry sector, This course is appropriate for those organisation pursuing ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, EFIS, BRC Standards etc.

Who is the Course For?

Quality Assurance Personnel

Quality Assurance Personnel

Safety personnel Safety personnel
Internal Auditors Internal Auditors


This course will provide the attendee with an understanding of;

Applicable industry and national standards Applicable industry and national standards
The structure of an audit The structure of an audit
The audit process The audit process
Nonconformance’s and corrective actions Nonconformance’s and corrective actions

Course Content

The course covers the following elements

Introduction to auditing Introduction to auditing
Types of Audit Types of Audit
Audit Procedures Audit Procedures
Auditing Programmes Auditing Programmes
Documentation Documentation
Audit Review Audit Review
Audit Follow Up Audit Follow Up

Course Duration:

6 hours

Exam Format:



Maximum of 10