Medway Safety Training Courses

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PASMA - Prefabricated Mobile Access Tower User Training

This one day course is aimed at employees who use or erect mobile access towers, as part of their activities. This course is recognised as the preferred training standard for all persons wishing to erect mobile towers.

The course is a combination of classroom-based theory and hands-on experience, your staff can develop an awareness of the legal implications, common hazards and precautions, together with the correct inspection, assembly, use, repositioning and dismantling procedures for Mobile Access Towers.

Course Content

The PASMA standard course covers the following topics;

estimated annual cost to society through accidents and ill health is £11 to £16 billion Introduction to Mobile Access Towers
25 million working days are lost annually Tower Assembly
25000 people are forced to give up work through injury Stability
Uninsured losses amount to £315 per employee Safe Use of Towers
accidents account for 37% of profits Repositioning Towers
accidents account for 37% of profits Tower Inspection
accidents account for 37% of profits Care & Maintenance
accidents account for 37% of profits Tower Dismantle
accidents account for 37% of profits Regulations and Standards

Courses are available in Medway, London & Essex; alternatively we can deliver the course on your premises, subject to suitable facilities and equipment being available.

Successful candidates will receive a PASMA Certificate Of Competency, a Photo-ID Card, a Course Notes Booklet, and an Operator's Code Of Practice Booklet.

Course Duration
7 hours

PASMA courses are designed for mobile access towers manufactured in aluminium alloy or fibreglass, approved to BS1139 part 3 1994 (HD1004) and which carry a current British Standard or other equivalent mark of approval