Medway Safety Training Courses

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CIEH Level 3 Risk Assessment Principles & Practice

A properly implemented programme of risk assessments can assist in the prevention of injuries, fatalities, property damage incidents and other losses.

The tutor led element of the programme is one and a half days in duration and will assist students in becoming familiar with legal requirements, the principles of risk assessments and the methods used when conducting them in practical situations.

In addition to the training programme students will be required to complete an assignment requiring some research and the preparation of a report which may take between 3-6 hours depending on individual circumstances and ability.

Target Audience

The Risk Assessment * Principles and Practice Certificate is designed for managers, supervisors and all those who have a responsibility to conduct risk assessments.

Learning Objectives

It is anticipated that by the end of a course trainees will be able to:
estimated annual cost to society through accidents and ill health is £11 to £16 billion Conduct risk assessments (assuming they have the necessary technical knowledge).
25 million working days are lost annually Organise and implement a risk assessment programme where this has not already been started.
25000 people are forced to give up work through injury Participate in the identification of specific training needs for the activities being assessed.
Uninsured losses amount to £315 per employee Assist employers in meeting legal requirements and promote improved standards of health and safety within their organisation.

Additionally trainees will become aware of the limitations of their personal knowledge and experience and will know where to seek further information, guidance and assistance.

Candidate Criteria

Suitable candidates for the programme and assessment will need to have good standards of written and oral communication.

Course Duration

1 1/2 Days plus the completion of assignment (3-6 hours) submitted within 6 weeks of the course date.The course is delivered in one day, a further half day is provided approximately 4 weeks later to assist candidates with the completion of their assignments. E-mail support is also provided.

Number of Attendee*s

Maximum of 12