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Risk Assessments & Method Statements

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 places a responsibility on employers to take a systematic approach to protecting the health and safety of employees or others by assessing the risks involved.

A formal assessment of how people could be harmed during the execution of the task enables consideration of the adequacy of the safety precautions included and the adoption of any additional measures considered necessary.

Companies employing more than five people must formally record this assessment.

Our assessors in conjunction with your Management team and employees would undertake an analysis of the significant risks associated with your business and produce the required risk assessments with any additional recommendations proposed to further reduce the risk.

The requirement for the conducting of risk assessments in the workplace has been around for ten years; therefore visiting inspectors from the Local Authority or Health & Safety Executive are unlikely to except ignorance as a valid reason for failing to implement a risk assessment programme.

As far back as the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, reference has been made to the operation of a 'safe system of work'. A method statement is one way in which an employer can demonstrate that they are in fact complying with this legislation.

In simple terms a 'Method Statemen' is a written set of instructions detailing how a particular task is to be done, by whom and with what equipment. It should be a specific document that considers the implications for the person carrying out the task and those that may be affected by the operation during or after its completion.

Our team of consultants have drafted many such documents covering various activities in a number of different industry sectors. However it should be remembered that you are the 'expert' in your particular field and without your knowledge and assistance the method statement may not be adequate.

Once the method statement and risk assessment have been prepared these must be communicated effectively to those parties affected. It should then be retained and reviewed at regular intervals or if believed to be invalid.

The production of the documentation is a team effort between Medway Safety Ltd and yourselves, a partnership that we wish to develop to its full potential.

Please telephone for an informal discussion concerning your requirements.