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Safety Inspections

The HSC believes it is good practice for employers to develop a programme of formal workplace inspections, involving employees and their appointed representatives throughout the process.

An independent inspection will provide the evidence that the existing safety management systems are in place and that they are being used effectively.

Typically, inspections will check compliance with general health and safety requirements regarding, fire safety, electrical safety, etc. but will also check compliance with other requirements relevant to the particular workplace and associated activities (e.g. hazardous substances).

It may also demonstrate compliance with the Safety Committees and Safety Representatives Regulations, 1977 and Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

Ultimately, inspections are an invaluable way of identifying potential workplace hazards before they cause a health and safety problem, they can take various forms and may include a general inspection of the workplace; or inspections of specific and possibly dangerous activities, processes, or areas.

On the day of the inspection a pre-meeting will be held between the assigned consultant and the local manager to discuss any outstanding issues or concerns that either party may have prior to the inspection.

The inspection will then be conducted using a checklist to record any issues observed by the consultant or those raised by employees or members of the management team

On completion of the inspection a 'close out' will be held between the relevant parties, as appropriate, to discuss the issues raised and the remedial action necessary.

An action list will be developed which will consider the following issues;
25000 people are forced to give up work through injury What timescales are required for each action
Uninsured losses amount to £315 per employee What is the priority applicable to each action
accidents account for 37% of profits Assigning responsibility for completing the relevant actions
accidents account for 37% of profits Confirmation of the date for the next inspection

A copy of the inspection report and agreed actions will be left with the client at the time of inspection, this will form the starting point for the next inspection as it is necessary to review and close out the assigned actions.

Please telephone for an informal discussion concerning your requirements.