Medway Safety Training Courses

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Traffic Management Overveiw

This course has been developed in conjunction with several clients to improve the level of awareness and knowledge of personnel involved in the design, development and implementation of site-based traffic management plans

Topics covered include:

estimated annual cost to society through accidents and ill health is £11 to £16 billion Review of current legislation, acop's etc
25 million working days are lost annually Current accident statistics, fines etc
25000 people are forced to give up work through injury Outline of a traffic management plan
Uninsured losses amount to £315 per employee Assessing the site requirements
- Issues and solutions;
- Drawings - demonstration
accidents account for 37% of profits Producing the traffic management plan
accidents account for 37% of profits Traffic Management Scenario Practical exercise
accidents account for 37% of profits Course review & close.


On-site investigation To familiarise attendees with the significant legal requirements of the regulations
Taking of witness statements To provide attendees with sufficient knowledge to undertake the preparations and implementation of a traffic management plan

Course Duration

9am to 1pm 1/2 day (4 hours)


To be confirmed


Available upon request

Please Telephone For Dates and Venues