Sharps Awareness & the Safe Disposal of Excreta

A The promotion of employee awareness surrounding the subject of ‘sharps’ should not be underestimated; the effects of a needlestick injury can be long lasting and devastating to the individual.


The correct methods of handling and disposing of human excreta is also not without its own hazards. The identification of the significant hazards and practical control measures to be adopted is a fundamental part of this type of training.


Personnel who may encounter ‘sharps’ or ‘human excreta’ in connection with their normal work activities..

Course Aims

To promote an awareness of the hazards associated with these activities and the simple steps to be taken when encountering such items:

  • introduction – sharps injuries
  • transmission of bloodborne diseases
  • prevention of 'sharps injuries'
  • advice on dealing with needles
  • action to take when receiving a needle-stick
  • clients policies and procedures
  • hazards associated with Human Excreta
  • safe handling and disposal methods
  • course Review


2.5 hours


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