Bespoke courses

In addition to the standard training courses we provide, we also design courses to meet the specific needs of our clients, recent courses delivered include:

Basic Ladder Safety Training Course

This course of training is intended for supervisors and operatives who are expected to inspect, use and manage the safe use of ladders during the course of their work. The proposed *Working at Height* Regulations ensures that this course is topical.

Confined Space Awareness Training

This course is designed specifically for those personnel who are assessing confined spaces and those who may enter or work within a confined space.

Construction (Design & Management) Regulations

The course has been designed for all levels of management who are responsible for safety, health and welfare issues identified in the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007.

Construction Safety for Managers & Supervisors

This course provides an overview of the main hazards, precautionary measures and legal requirements in relation to the construction industry. The course is suited to supervisory and management personnel.

Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

In order to implement the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 it is necessary to have access to trained risk assessment personnel that can provide advice and assistance to employers who have identified areas of concern during the self-assessment exercise.

Duties of the Fire Warden

This course is designed specifically for those personnel who has a designated fire responsibility, Fire Warden / Marshall working in industry, commerce or the public sector.

Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) & Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) Awareness

This course is aimed at a broad spectrum of personnel. From operatives to Managers, it will provide all with an insight in to these particular occupational health issues and enable them to take proactive steps to minimise the potential for exposure to HAV or WBV.

Infection Control

Infection control requires us to take steps to prevent and control the spread of infections and diseases.

Internal Auditors Course

Auditing can provide valuable information to a company to evaluate how the business is complying with the standards required and identify how and where improvements can be made.

Legionella Awareness

Awareness of legionella and the potentially serious effects of Legionnaires’ disease have grown in recent years, often fuelled by the publicity from the major outbreaks, which have led to prosecutions under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Managing Fire Safety

This course has been designed specifically for those personnel who require a more detailed understanding of the legal requirements surrounding fire safety in the workplace. It is suitable for Business Owners, Managers and other Supervisory Personnel.

Moving & Handling

o provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to carry out their jobs in a safe and effective manner whilst complying with current legislation

Principles of Manual Handling

This course is aimed at those who carry out manual handling activities at work and introduces students to the hazards of manual handling, the risks involved and controls available and what to expect from a manual handling assessment.

Sharps Awareness & the Safe Disposal of Excreta

A The promotion of employee awareness surrounding the subject of ‘sharps’ should not be underestimated; the effects of a needlestick injury can be long lasting and devastating to the individual.